Truly Living in Middle Age

Truly Living in Middle Age

There May Be No “Someday”

My last few weekends were FUN. Really fun. Belly laugh FUN. Time with my husband, a dinner party with friends, a concert with my favorite band and one of my favorite couple friends, a great walk at the beach, connections, laughs, memories.


The biggest thing that has come up for me in middle age is the idea of LIVING. Not just breathing, functioning, doing the do… but LIVING.

I spent so much of my 30’s and early 40’s doing the do. Checking things off. Getting through, getting by, chasing.Saying NO to fun to do the “responsible” That is not living. That’s just preparing to die.


My dad died when he was 49 years old- just one year older than me now. It wasn’t a long drawn out illness where we got to say goodbye, it was a heart attack. One minute here, the next minute POOF he was gone.

One minute he was here breathing, hustling, working like crazy for “some day”, and the next minute poof he was gone. Forever.

I was 22 at the time and didn’t understand this message I’m about to share until years later (NOW). At 48 I think of this often. I mean he was only 1 year older than me.

There may be no “Someday…”

And my dad? He was like so many of you… and how I was…He had the story of “someday”

SOMEDAY he’d get healthy and lose the weight.
SOMEDAY he would have proved himself enough and slowed down to enjoy life.
SOMEDAY he’d have the time to spend time with his family and friends.
SOMEDAY he’d take his health seriously.
SOMEDAY he’d invest in himself and do things for HIM not just his “business” and others.
Someday he’d be enough and enjoy life.
Someday never came for him.

You see there IS NO SOMEDAY.

We don’t know how long we will be here. We don’t know when we will get another chance. We have right here, right now, this moment and our decisions.
Make NOW a priority.

Say yes to fun NOW.
Fix your health NOW and stop with all the excuses.
Do those hobbies NOW, take that vacation NOW and invest in yourself your learning your higher self NOW before the decision is taken from you.

You are not too old, it’s not too late but tomorrow it could be.

There is no SOME DAY.


Natalie Jill

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