You’ll Swoon Over This Pastel-Hued Creative Studio Space

Want to know what happens when two Canadian bloggers join together to share one studio? Find out here in this post. We interviewed Maca from HeyMaca and Joanna from Lazy Mom’s Blog, and found that they are not only beautiful women inside and out, but their studio is just as dreamy. All the pretty colors throughout have us smiling from ear to ear and we can’t wait to find out what you think about this space!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Maca: I’m Maca, a lifestyle blogger, interior designer and Venezuelan-Canadian living in Montreal seeking for all things colorful and joyful. I’m a mama of two (Nico and Oli) that are the most fun lil’ humans. I started the blog almost 7 years ago (when IG wasn’t even around and Tumblr was THE hottest thing). HeyMaca celebrates good design, motherhood, DIY, lots of travel, real good food and colorful finds everywhere I go.

Joanna: Hello! I’m Joanna, a motherhood, mindfulness and décor blogger, born and raised in Poland, now living in Montreal with three kids, one hubby and two cats! I love sharing inspiration for simple yet fulfilling everyday life, where color meets cozy and self-care means being lazy and not worrying too much!

What made you want to open up the HeyMaca studio?

Maca: I started my blogging journey part-time and eventually transitioned it into my full-time job. When I started, my dream was always to have a creative hub and somewhere where inspiration is a norm and where I could feel a bit more productive than working from home (you know how challenging that can be). The studio is essentially an extension of this HeyMaca world, our very own rainbow world and with the best company, my girlfriend Joanna from Lazy Mom’s.

Joanna: I started blogging almost 6 years ago, and after covering almost every subject of motherhood, writing a craft book (The Family Gratitude Project) and making countless makeovers, I felt I was ready to take on new creative projects. And for that, I knew I wanted to work with a blogging bestie (looking at you, Maca!), out of my home, in a cute, colorful, inspiring space!

What do you want to accomplish with the new studio?

Maca: Lots of things! My friend Joanna and I sat down last year and said to each other: “That’s it! We need a place, and it has to be the cutest one.” To start, we found this 800-square-foot unique loft, and we knew it was the one. Besides working in the studio (writing, styling and shooting pictures and videos) and renting it to other creatives, we want to bring to life our community hosting events and workshops all hosted by both HeyMaca and Lazy Mom’s. Lots more coming up!

Joanna: As Maca said, we feel like it’s time to take Instagram out in to the real life—more meetings, more events for real people (not only Influencers), more sharing! And while our own blogs evolve, we also want this place to be our creative nest where we can launch new products, shoot new content and plan worldwide domination (joking!).

Color is everywhere! What does color mean to you?

Maca: Raised in one of the most colorful cities in Venezuela, I grew up believing color is not only the key to design and the way we live. Color is the key to our happiness and joy, so yes, chromatherapy is the way we boost our mood (and closet) seeing the world through tinted glasses, every single day!

Joanna: It’s funny how with Maca we connect through color—I think it might have been one of the first things that brought us together. See, I grew up in the colorful Wrocław, where architecture meets color everywhere you go—and I think this has influenced the most! Also, after studying psychology for 5 years, I realized how color can influence our mood and energy. So now I believe color is essential for wellbeing and staying creative!

What do you love most about being a lifestyle blogger?

Maca: The creative freedom to do something you really love, and this can be in many forms: partnering with a brand you’ve admired all your life and become a brand ambassador, traveling seeking colorful spots and giving tips to my community, enjoying photography every second of it or developing a new product line for HeyMaca.

Joanna: What I love the most about blogging is that it lets you constantly learn and change—there’s no boss telling you that since you never wrote about travel you can’t start now. There are no boundaries for taking on new projects, and it’s by far the best way to balance work and life with kids!

How has being a blogger changed for you over the years?

Maca: I’m trying to think of one thing to start with and there are so, so many! Being a blogger and content creator taught me how to be a better planner: optimizing my time, organizing shoot lists, editing photos and stop motion videos efficiently, managing all my finances and future investments, and lastly, learning how to evolve as a brand in this new industry.

Joanna: I used to think blogging was a hobby, then I thought it’s all about giving tips and sharing your real life in real time, and then I learned that you can write about anything that inspires you and still be true to yourself! Also, in the beginning, I thought that partnering with brands was a sell off, while now I feel lucky to be able to express my creativity through sponsored content with brands that I really like!

Can you share some advice for aspiring bloggers?

Maca: Be unique, trust your gut and do it for fun, never for money.

Joanna: Blog only because you can’t imagine not blogging. See, blogging is essentially being a freelancer with zero stability and lots of comparison around—so you have to do it only because you love writing/photographing and creating so much that you simply can’t live without it. Otherwise, you’ll burn out and get depressed.

What’s next for HeyMaca? Do you have anything upcoming that you can share with us?

Maca: Absolutely! A new HeyMaca shop launching soon this year! We are designing and producing adorable products (all colorful, obviously) and it’s one of my biggest dreams, how to evolve to a tangible brand in 2019.

Joanna: I’d love to start working on a new book, but for now, setting this studio with Maca (while being a mom of three) is my biggest goal!

What do you love most about your new studio?

Maca: Seriously, everything. You open the door and get in every morning and feel, “wow, this is such a pretty space to work.” Having a bright space with colorful accents everywhere you look, is having a daily rainbow therapy.

Joanna: Our studio feels like a warm hug. It makes me happy and inspires me to do more!

How do you motivate yourself when you feel burned out?

Maca: Easy breezy: a mani/pedi combo, a visit to a new place, a hug from a friend I dear lots, a massage at Bota Bota (my fave spa in the city), writing lists of content themes I want to create and getting new J.Crew shoes.

Joanna: There’s no need to pursue inspiration. If I feel stuck, it’s best to just stop and do something different—go out, visit a friend, paint an aquarelle, go to the market, style a vignette, play in the park with kids, bake cookies—while I stop obsessing, the ideas come back running to me, so much so that I need to grab a pen (or my phone) and write them down fast!

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Maca: ALWAYS know your numbers and your worth (including time).

Joanna: Delegate and use your time wisely.

What’s your morning routine like?

Maca: Our mornings are such a beautiful mess and I’m so not an early bird. I usually start with a celery juice made at home, dress Oli and Nico for school and my new passion: prepare Nico’s lunch boxes.

Joanna: Lol! I have three kids, so it’s an opposite of MY morning routine. It’s more like a sprint to get everyone ready, feed the hungry monkeys before they explode and not forget to shower!


HeyMaca – @hey.maca

Lazy Mom’s – @lazymoms

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