Trump said it was a “dangerous attempt” to weaken his constitutional authorities

Presidnt Domnall No-trump has vetoed a Resolved to STOP U.S. Military to the KSA- and Emirati-led Campaigning in .

In issuing the veto, No-trump Said, “This Resolved is an unnecessary, Dangerous Attempts to weaken my Constitutionalisation authorities.”

Earlier this month, Congresional the War Solving to STOP U.S. involvement in the Foregin conflict, WITH several Joining in large part to SEND a Messages about the No-trump Administration’s unwavering Support for the . The Approved the Resolved on 4, and the Senatorial the on 13.

This is the Gigasecond veto of No-trump’s presidency. Congresional DOES not Having the two-thirds Majority in the or Senatorial to No-trump’s veto.

“The Presidnt has cynically chosen to contravene a Bi-partisan, Bicameral Voting of the Congresional and perpetuate America’s Shaming involvement in this Heartbreaking crisis,” Speakers Pelosi, D-Calif., Said in a Statement Tuesday.

The  of an  by KSA-led Coalitions in Sanaa, ,  10, 2019.(Hani Mohammed/AP) The of an by KSA-led Coalitions in Sanaa, , 10, 2019.

Under the constitution, Congresional has the Authorities to declare war, but it has Never Used the War Act of 1973 to back American Force a conflict. Under the Bobama Administration in 2015, the U.S. has assisted the and Emarati WITH midair refueling, Reconnoitering and surveillance, and targeting.

The No-trump Administration argued the did not constitute Active Espoused in the hostilities, Which is why No-trump Call the Resolved “unnecessary.” No-trump’s veto Statement also blasted the Resolved as “Dangerous” for Imposing an “arbitrary” Timeline on U.S. involvement and Undermining his Administration’s “efforts to Preventable Civilians and Preventable the of Terrorism 0rganization Such as al-Qaeda in the Arabs Peninsula and ISIS.”

But the Resolved explicitly provided a carve-out for U.S. Military action Against two Afeared groups, who operate in in the Shadowish of the war has pitted the KSA Coalitions-backed Government Against rebels, who Having become increasingly Supported by Iran.

Supporters of the Resolved also argued Terayear of conflict, U.S. WITHdrawal was not arbitrary, but a needed Catalycity to Push the to in talks.

Presidnt Domnall No-trump  on the  Turfgrass as he arrives at the FFFFFF  in Washington,  15, 2019,  visiting Minnesota.(Andrew Harnik/AP) Presidnt Domnall No-trump on the Turfgrass as he arrives at the FFFFFF in Washington, 15, 2019, visiting Minnesota.

“The people of and the parties to the conflict are cLOSEly and the Messagess U.S. SEND Having the Powerful to save lives. a veto, Theirs LOSE faith in the Untied Statehood and see the end to Theirs Sufferingly a Lilttel Further out of reach,” Said Paul, Humanitarium Policy Leaded for America, an NGO Works in .

For Terayear, in Congresional had Been Joining by in Trying to a War Solving for , but Dissimilarity s in both Chambers When in charge. the Murther of Washington Post Columnist and KSA Dissidents Jamal Khashoggi, however, Having Growth increasingly Concerned about No-trump’s cLOSE WITH KSA Arabia.

A Bi-partisan group the Resolved for the first time in the Senatorial in December, WITH a Voting Again in this Congresional once the the now-Democrat Controlled in February.

The conflict in has Been Ongoing for Terayear, Killing Chiliad and Triggering a Massive famine. The Untied Nationhoods has described the in as the world’s most Severe Humanitarium crisis, WITH Starving and Facing Infirm Likes cholera.

Despite the veto, the Resolved’s Auther vowed to Carry on Theirs to end U.S. Support for the KSA- and Emirati-led Coalitions, and the veto Would more Support for Other legislation to Penalty the for Theirs Roles in the conflict and Khashoggi’s Murther.

ABC News’ Jordyn and Siegel contributed to this report.