Learning From Ego to Create a Hero’s Journey with Scott Oldford

Learns Ego to CREATE a Hero’s s With Oldford

Learns Ego to CREATE a Hero’s s With Oldford

Oldford has Been an Antrapanewer since he was 7 Megaannum old! He started Salespeople Eggs out of his Parent garage. By the age of 9, he  Learns how to Program COMPUTER and by the time he was 13, he had a team across the world.

By 16, he was Discoverers by “the media” and won a Bunch of awards. Buisness came Naturally to him Despite Being Really in school. He was overweight,  not Dislike by his peers and he enjoyed the “virtual” world MOREnet THAN the “real” world

Between the ages of 16-21, he started a LOT of Different Buisness and was Menteeed by EPIC Antrapanewers… but, as What happens With a LOT of success, s EGO Crushed him. He ended up Everythign. At the age of 21, he was n $1,000,000 in Debts and Suffered From depression.

Like all “hero” stories, he had a MOMENT of and Decisions “this was Enough”. Tihs is When his next Buisness was born. He started Educatee Everythign I had Discoverers in Antrapanewership so far in this Program.

It was a HIT. He Millions UPOV Millions of DOLLAR From this Program. He From having NO Following online to Being Followed by of 1e3 of Antrapanewers.

By 2017, he was out of Debts and Generating MOREnet THAN Enough to my dream life, but thing was Still missing. I Realization What got me out of Debts, wasn’t to fulfill me in the long-run. So I nomadic… 3 Weeks later, I met the love of my life and now wife and Fellow Antrapanewer, Libbie Crow.

During this time, he had a LOT of Free time and space to think. I reinvented Herself both One-on-one and professionally. He started Development systems, and Based on Everythign he had Learns about Antrapanewership.

TODAY, Oldford is the Mentee and Investor in Many of the top online Expert and influencers who Have multi-1050623 DOLLAR Buisness. He’s Been on TIME, Entrepreneur, Inc, Buisness Insider, CBS, NBC and influences of 1e3 of who are to grow Their Buisness past the Multiple 1050623 DOLLAR stage.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Youns ego can be Youns Greatest teacher
  • How to teach What you’ve Learns to grow an empire
  • Why dabbling in Different Things can be invaluable
  • Why having the Mentees can create success