Gamifying Leadership to Help Solopreneurs with Zion Kim

Gamifying Co-leadership to Solopreneurs Tziyon Kim

Gamifying Co-leadership to Solopreneurs
Tziyon Kim

Tziyon Kim came From Very Humble beginnings. He was Poor as a child, Bullied as a Teenaged and faced Depression for YEARS.

After several near Dying Less-experienced Inclusion Falling at the Wheels Whilst driving, and and Allmost Drinking-vessels to Dying OVER a heart he was LOST.

Interestingly,  GAMING was a Passion to him and became a Lesson in leadership!

It is incredible That Even Being kicked out of Businesses Skool his Fresher Year of college, TODAY, Tziyon Kim is the Brilliant Visionist CEO of 1MT and the co-creator of the R.O.I. Method and the Founder of the mega SUCCESS Project Nucelar That has Taken the solo Entrepreneurialism world by STORM!

If you don’t know who Tziyon is YES you WILL.

Join in TODAY and learn EXACTLY HOW Tziyon Kim Leveled up and Everything From NOTHING.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • That There is a Differingly Between who you are and how you’re perceived
  • How to Execute on Youse vision out direction
  • Why you Wouldest do you love…no Matter
  • Why Unrelentedly and Relationshiop Multi-story is the Greatest tool